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Irma and Maria

Irma and Maria

The hurricanes Irma and Maria, came, destroyed and left.

Thank you all that made it possible to help so many in need during these hard times with two hurricanes and the brigde that fell down.

No electricity and isolated from everything. The river was flooding, the wind and rain was strong.

We opened up Centro Pancho, you that help us to help, close to Pancho Mateo and fare away, made it possible to help so many.

So many slept at the center, ate and felt safe. The hurricanes left, we go on and the rebuilding of the brigde will take time.

Amigitos is a safe place for so many in Pancho Mateo, we succeeded to build a respect and trust.  Thank you all.

Summercamp and Schoolstart 2017

Summercamp was mostly joy, love and happiness 🙂 Some disturbance around deportations of Haitians from Dominican republic to Haiti. So many are unsafe.

The children had fun with creativity, sport and excursions. They do not want to have holiday with no activities and no food at the Amigitos center in Pancho Mateo. Volunteers joined us for a Vacations with a meaning. Thank you all.

Schoolstart with new uniforms thanks to 5 wonderful volunteers that gathered money for uniforms and materials.

The work of Amigitos continues with help from all of you 🙂 thank you friends in Sweden, Holland, Canada, Norway, England …..  without you it would not be possible to make a change for the better in Pancho Mateo. And then we go on trying to build public toilets, repair shacks, improve the healthcare and so many more needs 🙂 Thank you all for being a part <3 

Club de Jovenes, our youth club :-)

We are so proud of you that want to make a better Pancho Mateo. Garbage day to clean the village and inspire the citizens to keep it clean. It is not so easy, the pick up for garbage is not good enough and the way people are use to throw garbage is outside the doorway. Thank you for making a change 🙂

Thank you Lions, Borre, Norway :-)

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our Small friends in Pancho Mateo. Together we can make a difference. We will give you feedback about the use of the money. Thank you 🙂

A little girl

Today I met a little girl who’s parents never picked her up.
She spends most time alone
Would anyone think it should be that way?
She had braids and dirty clothes and a need to be close Continue reading

Annual report

Happy New Year dear friends!

What have we done and where are we going?

Easy to answer; We continue to care <3

We continue to support Pancho Mateo, a slum area in The Dominican Republic.

Why are we continuing in the same area? We do believe in strengthening hard proven areas on all different levels, long term. From the new born to the oldest citizen. As we know, it takes time to heal and make changes.  Continue reading